Volunteering, like a charity has no boundaries!

This whole week is being held under the auspices of volunteering! This week we meet foreign volunteer students from Hong Kong, guys from different countries — USA, Spain, Philippines, Morocco, Swaziland, Lebanon, Nigeria, Bhutan, India, Tajikistan.

March 4 was a meeting with blind children on the basis of “Discover the World” project at school No. 10 in Astana, where our children talk with each other, spoke English, sang songs, found and showed different countries on maps. It was really great! Because for children, the most important is, the development of their communication skills and horizons and just an interesting experience.

March 5 was a visit to the National Museum, where volunteer students got to know Kazakh culture more closely and prepared patterns of ornaments for their further use by special children in the educational process. In the afternoon, volunteers went to school-gymnasium No. 10, where they introduced students to the culture of different countries, showing interesting, bright numbers, and at some point, the translators were no longer needed, because the children became friends and found a common language, as we know for friendship and communication barriers do not exist!

On March 6-7, our guests visited the Service Centers No. 1 and No. 2 in the morning, where the Fund’s specialists and staff warmly welcomed them, showed how the work was done in the classrooms, the volunteers met the children, divided into groups, helped with the preparations for March 8, together they made gifts for moms, collected busyboardies, decorated the hall for the holiday, danced and talked with children!

And now, on the threshold of the holiday, our guests are going back home — volunteers, students from Hong Kong college @lpcuwc, and to be honestly we are a little sad, because do not want to say “Goodbye, my friends”, but the guys leave, and we hope that they take a lot of vivid impressions of the trip, great memories, new experience, and of course, now they have friends in Kazakhstan!

Student time is a wonderful period for discovering new horizons, something unknown, and we are grateful that the guys came to learn something new for themselves, touched our realities, our culture, saw how our Fund works, met and talked to children with special needs, shared their thoughts and emotions. For us, in turn, this is also something from the series of “up to next level”, the exchange of energies, culture with the generation of millennials, a fresh look from the outside and a new breath of air at our work!

And, also we would like to say, that we were grateful to meet you, to show the life of our Foundation, and big thank you for coming and getting a new experience for you!

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