We have a new feature on the website!

Friends, we always try to keep you abreast of all the events of our Fund, talk about the results of the work, the process itself, share joyful moments and achievements of our children, show how our projects grow, how system help improves the life of a particular child, and we will do it further! How does all this become possible and realized? That is right, thanks to you!

We are very grateful to all our regular partners, sponsors, patrons of art and ordinary people for donations and trust! Thanks to your support, contributions and assistance, our various projects have been supported and developed for a long time. “Different, but equal: we are for inclusive education”, “Mentors”, “Development of talents”, “Discover the world”, believe me, a lot would not have happened without you and would not be possible.

In the realities of today, with the growth of public awareness, charity is no longer perceived as humanitarian aid or alms, people understand that one-time actions (gifts, toys, sweets) do not solve children’s problems, because it is much more effective and more correct to provide assistance.

Our task, as a Fund, is to make it easier for you to find a way in “how to help” and effectively deliver this help to children.
Just recently, on our website www.dara.kz, the help function through electronic donations has started and it is not about giving once, but about giving on a monthly basis! On the main page of the website there is a button “I want to help now” by clicking and passing on (everything is very intuitive), you will no longer have to go in and transfer your contributions every time, this is done automatically after small settings.

For you, it can only be a cup of coffee or one movie trip in a month, but for us this is a huge support to help children further. Become a part of this great good deed by making a regular monthly donation!

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