Results of action #pampersdrive 2018!

Friends, at the end of the school holidays, we have already determined the winners among the schools of Almaty and Astana on the action «Pamper’s Drive — 2018»! The Miras International School became the winner in Almaty, the pupils of this school together with their parents collected 12,323 diapers! The class that collected the most number of diapers in this school received a letter of thanks from the Foundation and the Cup of the winner! The New Generation School collected 10,170 diapers, and the Turan school-lyceum collected 4,674 diapers.

The winner in the city of Astana became the International College of Continuing Education, gathering 7 696 diapers!

QSI International School of Astana collected 7,077 diapers, Haileybury Astana School collected 2,693 diapers and Miras International School — 2,363 diapers.

Most of the diapers have already been delivered to the Shelek Specialized Orphanage (Almaty region), Center for Perinatology and Pediatric Heart Surgery in Almaty, Maternity Hospital No. 2 in Almaty, Department of Neonatal Pathology and Reanimation in Almaty, Center for Social Services «Nurly Zhүrek» in Astana, Children’s Hospitals number 1 and number 2 of Astana.

Dear pupils, let us once again express to you the words of immense gratitude and say that in fact, it does not matter who won!By doing a good deed, we, by joint our efforts, were able to transfer to orphans, children with disabilities and from poor families more than 47,000 diapers, providing them with essential necessities for a long time!

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