Paintings Exhibition of children with hearing impairments in the Modern Art-Center «Kulanshy»!

«Painting allows you to see things as they once were, when they were looked at with love.» Said one of the famous artists Paul Valery, and we hope that today we have managed to make it come true!

Friends, today was a very colorful and eventful day for us! An exhibition of paintings of our children with hearing impairment from an inclusive art studio in the Center for Contemporary Art «Kulanshy» was held! These are final works for the past academic year, children put their hearts into their works, and we got bright, extraordinary, interesting pictures made in different techniques that were shown to the wide audience.

The exhibition was attended by famous painters and masters of art, thanks to the great famous artists Balkhiye and Galia Kusainova, known as GaBo sisters, Dr. in Philosophy Mr. Florian Messner, painter Bartosz Fraczek, potter Karabdolov Yerbolat for making master classes at the exhibition for children, moreover thanks to parents, classmates from school No.65, who came to cheer on the children, all high guests of the event for coming to look at works of art and support children!

Thank you Zhanna Rakhmetullina for the fact that it is not the first time you support and help us in such mass events and agree on the role of the spokesperson! We would like to express our gratitude to our permanent partners of the project, thanks to whom this entire holiday took place, for “Chevron” company, which for three years already has been the general sponsor and supports the art studio, as well as the Center for Contemporary Art “Kulanshy” and personally Leila Makhat for giving Children opportunity to engage in creativity and exhibit their work!

Friends, we believe that in the next academic year, the guys will please us with equally talented works!



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