For us it is important!

The terminology is changing — we hope that with the change of processes and mechanisms, the public consciousness and the position of people in this matter will also change. Thank you @ lyazzat.kaltayeva and NGO Association of Women with Disabilities «Shyrak»!
#Repost by Lyazzat Kaltayeva from facebook:
“A post about how, removing one word from the name of the diagnosis, Health Minister Birtanov Y.A. contributed to non-discrimination of people with disabilities. So, cerebral palsy (CP) has ceased to be associated with children.
The Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan has made changes to the NLA, and now the word “childish” is excluded from such a familiar, but, in my deep conviction, discriminatory term of children cerebral palsy. What is so bad about the seemingly innocuous word for children, you may ask?

Yes, everything is fine, while we are talking about a child with cerebral palsy. But the child becomes an adult, and our indulgent patronage attitude remains. The word forms prejudice, all sorts of stereotypes and barriers. It is difficult for us to allow an adult with a “cerebral palsy” to make decisions himself, to build a personal life or, for example, to have children. This is even more pronounced if he or she moves slowly or has difficulties in speaking.
The term Cerebral Palsy (without the word “children”) is used throughout the world. Finally, our terminology is also brought in line with current international trends.

I brought up this issue for more than one year. But it’s good that we have such people as Dara Fund, Gulnar Dossayeva, Yelzhan Birtanov, who not only heard, but took and did. Bravo!»

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