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16.03.2018 г. | 220 | Recent news / Mentors

Why being a mentor is important?

The mentor, in the broadest sense of the word, is  not an indifferent adult who is ready to support with experience and advice.

We can tell you one real story. At the orphanage (or rather, at that time the Shelter in Astana), lived a girl who painted very well. Teacher noticed her talent and made a transfer from an ordinary school to an art school, from which she successfully graduated. It was time to enroll into college. The girl wanted to choose a specialty she enjoys but for that there was no free college at that time, and she did not have any savings for study. The teacher did not give up and several times contacted us in the Foundation. We usually do not finance special cases, but we have known the girl for a long time, and we were informed about her victories in competitions and achievements. We decided to try to look for sponsors for her studies. It so happened that we managed to find various private sponsors for all 4 years of studying in a private college, and the girl was able to live with her aunt.

By the way, despite the fact that our student was one of the best in her class and continued to win art competitions, the private college did not find the opportunity to provide her with either a grant for study or a significant discount for one academic year. Despite this, she successfully completed her studies in «Architecture, Technician-Designer», while working a part-time job.

After graduation, we continued our work with her. It was very difficult to find a job in her field. She did not have enough knowledge and practical experience and it was not clear how to look for vacancies and how to write a resume. Yes, and it’s simply scary. Who in this situation will help, if not the mentor? For relatives, it is sometimes more convenient for a graduated student to quickly get any job, so that there is an income. Therefore, free and much needed internships or continued studies for the master degree were not considered as options. The girl was ready to go to any job, where they would be ready to take her and pay her immediately, even as a dumpling maker. But what about her talent and acquired knowledge?

And here, it is difficult to underestimate the support of another engaged person, Ponomaryeva Ekaterina and her leader, Serkan Gezer. Responding to our request, they decided to take a young, inexperienced specialist for a paid internship in their company Creative Project. They kindly gave her a workplace and, most importantly, time and readiness to teach the craft of architecture. Of course, this profession requires considerable knowledge and experience, but our girl strives for it, which was immediately appreciated by colleagues in the office.

We are sure that Elmira will be able to master her complicated craft. She already has confidence and practical knowledge, and, perhaps, she will be useful to the company as a staff member. In the future, we hope that this will help her to find a decent job with adequate payment and develop professionally to become independent.

And may we suggest for you to think about the fact that you can support someone too, and for this you do not need to have much money or solve all problems immediately. Sometimes it’s enough to help make a resume, prepare for an interview, negotiate with someone about an internship, support with advice or just be close – and this can be a decisive step in someone’s fate.

We thank Ekaterina Ponomaryeva and Serkan Gezer for their support!