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26.04.2016 г. | 613 | Talent development / Children's Theatre

The musical “Matilda” – hear the special children!

The 23rd of April in Astana was the inclusive performance: on the professional stage performed children, many of whom have a hearing loss. During the last three years children has been learning the skills of acting, as a result of which submitted their second musical “Matilda” to the attention of public. The Inclusive Theatre Studio works at the school №65 with the support of the Fund “Dara” since September of 2013.

The director and the permanent head of the studio is Ilyas Danyarov, also known for his activities in the framework of the youth and the alternative theater “Attraction”. During the rehearsals children do a lot of trainings in the pronunciation texts, facial expression, which is beneficial to their hearing and speech skills. Parents and many teachers point out that the trainings in the theater help children not only to pronounce the word, but also feel more confident and unfettered.

“Matilda” by Ronald Dahl was named the best book for children in 1988, and was filmed a movie based on this book. And in 1999, in the International Day of books fifteen thousand children aged between 7 and 11 years voted for this one as the most popular children’s book.

Matilda is a genius child, but her parents think she is silly, that they have an extra headache. The truth lies in the fact that her parents are fools, who care about themselves. They do not care about their own daughter. And Matilda decided to re-educate their negligent parents, and along with the evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull. Selecting the play is not accidental, because like Matilda’s parents people of our society deflect from people with special needs and try to ignore them.

With the support of the Nazarbayev University, the musical will be presented on the stage of the University Hall.