22.12.2017 г. | 232 | Recent news / Actions and events

Santa Claus knows Braille!

Today we congratulated clever and very talented children of special classes for blind children at the capital’s school №10 with the coming year.

The children sang, told poems, danced and were waiting for Santa Clause! They wrote him a letter in Braille.

Santa Clause was the staff of KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Since the beginning of the «Open the World» project, the company has been providing tremendous support to the special children, and KPMG employees do not stand aside. For the second year they have been fulfilling the New Year’s desires of children, making their own gifts and writing letters of reply in Braille.

On behalf of the children and the Foundation, we want to thank KPMG and all employees, wish them happiness and success in the new year!

Special thanks to the team of PPSC #2 for the costume show!