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Educational courses

The Foundation regularly supports educational courses aimed at developing the skills and abilities of children from orphanages and low-income families. Unfortunately, many children in this category has very low motivation, many people do not bring it started to end, afraid of difficulties encountered and do not see a practical use in learning. Therefore, the organization of courses we conduct selection of children according to their ability and willingness to learn. In addition, most of motivational work is done by a team of coaches and mentors who support children’s desire to learn languages and subjects.

We give constantly educational support  to the following:

  • Children’s home № 2 Almaty (mathematics, English);
  • Boarding school №10 for low-income families in Almaty (English);
  • Children’s home in Astana (preparation for the UNT, mathematics, biology, Russian and Kazakh languages)

Children show good results, for example, by language they are considerably tightened grammar and extended vocabulary. They especially like the fact that the learning process isn’t like at school, it passes by modern methods. An important role is also played by the professional qualifications of teachers who work with students individually.

The Foundation purchases educational materials and pays for the courses.

Sponsors of the project in equal time were the Embassy of New Zealand, culinary club «Gourmet», as well as donations from individuals in the Foundation’s boxes. With new sponsors the list of courses offered to children can be further expanded.

News of the project

13.08.2018 г. | 214
Within the project «Educational course and preparation for Unified National Testing» three graduates of the orphanages of Almaty and Astana

The special pride of the project «Educational course and preparation for Unified National Testing» in this year is represented by three graduates of Astana and Almaty orphanages: Bahtiyar, Karim, and …

06.04.2018 г. | 206
Prize for winning in a mathematical contest

Do you remember that children from the «Zhasulan» group from the Almaty orphanage won a mathematical «battle»? And today they received their long-awaited prize – a participation in the real quest. We …

04.04.2016 г. | 602
Learning English language

Since last year the orphanage №2 began to study English deeply. The Fund purchased materials of Macmillan for learning English. Children, who have a big desire to advance English, can …