Dance studio

Two groups of children, students of Almaty boarding school №9 for children with speech disorders have the opportunity three times a week to engage with a professional choreographer Marat Bekbergenovym within our dance studio, acting since 2009.

In boarding school №9 study children with serious violations of the function of speech, as a result of congenital cleft palate or lip (cleft palate or cleft lip), severe forms of stuttering, or mental retardation.

Regular dance classes not only improve the physical development of children, but also pose a serious hearing and speech rehabilitation and significantly increase the confidence of children in their abilities!

Dance group of boarding school №9 supported by the Foundation regularly takes part in the city and republican festivals, competitions, and they are always distinguished by quality dance choreography, colorful costumes, and the beauty of synchronicity of movements! That is why the team has become the prize-winner and the winner of the all the most famous competitions in Kazakhstan, including “Zhuldyzay”, “Meyirim”, “Almaly” and others.

Interview with the permanent head of the studio, choreographer Marat Bekbergenov

For some guys dancing became not only a hobby but also a profession. After finishing school, some of the most talented graduates continued their dance and choreography classes, but on a more serious, professional manner.

Sponsors of the dance clubs in different years were Dance Sport Federation of the Republic Kazakhstan, the Company of LVMH, and individuals. 

News of the project

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