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Children’s Theatre

Inclusive theater studio has been opened by the Foundation in the school number 65 in Astana for training dramatics deaf children together with children from the secondary classes. Every year in the studio are taught 30 children under the leadership of the young director and actor Ilyas Danyarova. Ilyas is known in the capital of his activities within the framework of the youth of alternative theater “Attraction”.  Surdopedagogs accompanies all classes of Children’s Theatre schools to support hearing impaired children.

During the rehearsals children do a lot of trainings in the pronunciation texts, facial expression, which is beneficial to their hearing and speech skills. Parents and many teachers point out that the trainings in the theater help children not only to pronounce the word, but also feel more confident and unfettered.

Since the work of the studio Children’s Theatre has already brought to the attention of the public two musicals on a professional stage: in April 2014 children were sold out of the musical “Mary Poppins”, where the main role played the child is diagnosed with hearing loss of 4 degrees; and in 2016 was presented the second performance of “Matilda”, based on the play by Ronald Dahl, telling the history of a “special” girl and her relations with the world.

The first show of the musical “Mary Poppins” was a great success with the audience and the play was shown several times on the stage of the Kazakh Drama Theater, Russian Theatre and at the school. The second performance was presented at a new stage of Nazarbayev University and also caused a good response from the audience and the media.

Children are very passionate about the opportunity to play on stage; they study the role for a long time, diligently rehearse and memorize long texts of their heroes. Each performance of the theater is another proof that creativity, communication and real talent do not know any barriers, no limits!

Sponsors of inclusive theater studio at various times were the Finnish Embassy in Astana, Pop-Up Shop Astana and individual donations in boxes Foundation. Currently we are looking for new sponsors to continue the activities of Children’s Theatre in the new academic year.

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