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Child development

Scientists have already proven that the more words kids hear at an early age, the more they have vivid impressions, and a variety of activities, the more actively develop their brains and the higher their intellectual abilities in the future.

According to various researches children in residential care since birth, deprived of personal attention and affection of parents, later lagging behind their peers living in the family.

Due to the constant sponsor of the project, the development of children’s centers «Gymboree» children from the capital orphanages can attend classes on early development. Each month trip to the Center «Gymboree» becomes for children fun and informative tour. Activities at the center focus on the development of fine motor skills, mental and physical abilities. Kids learn to play a musical instrument, listening to poetry and to learn words in English. In addition, in the Center are bright interiors, spacious classrooms and unique game rooms in which children enjoy sporting.

Training program, developed by the institute of early childhood development in the US, has been used successfully in children’s clubs “Gymboree” around the world for more than 37 years. Lessons are conducted in English in small groups formed taking into account the age of the children.

The project will be glad to cooperate with other partners and sponsors who want to support the development of children in residential institutions!

News of the project

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