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Give a smile

As part of our work in the boarding school №9 for children with speech disorders of Almaty, the Foundation “Dara” for many years in a row carries out the action “Give a smile.” The action involved children with maxillofacial deformities and postoperative scars on face. This school taught children with severe speech disorders that occur as a result of congenital abnormalities as a “cleft palate” or “cleft lip”, as well as severe forms of stuttering.

Surgery is carried out starting from an early age for children who struggle with this disease, and in complicated cases held not one, but several operations. In this anatomical defect lip and palate wound up to 3 years, when the child begins to form speech. Otherwise, child will have the pronunciation characteristic “nasal” tone. In Kazakhstan such operations are carried out free of charge, in the amount of guaranteed medical care.

However, after surgery the scars are still visible on the face. From 3 to 7 years it is recommended to make additional cosmetic surgery and resurfacing of scars in order to improve as much as possible the child’s appearance. If such operations are carried out in time for school the child can be fully rehabilitated and be ready to attend a normal secondary educational institution. This is all the more important because of their mental and intellectual development of a child is absolutely no different from other children.

But the cosmetic surgery and grinding are not included in the scope of free medical care, because their cost is quite high. Many families are not able to pay for a number of expensive procedures, because of what suffers not only the appearance of child, but also his voice rehabilitation, and psychological state.

Since 2009, the Foundation in cooperation with the Medical Center “Darus” holds charity surgery for needy children from the boarding school №9. Every year, several children can have cosmetic and dental procedures. In 2011, with the help of sponsors several children had the opportunity to go through plastic surgery in Novosibirsk.

Many of the children who have received help under the project “Give a smile” are also participants of creative studios and dance groups of the Foundation. By improving their self-esteem, self-confidence increases their creativity and implementation.

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