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In Kazakhstan, there is a huge need for institutions for blind children and children with severe visual impairment. For example, in Astana until 2014 there was not a single special correctional institution, a kindergarten or a school for totally blind children. Children of this category also desperately need opportunities for development and socialization: there are no specially equipped spaces for games and platforms for communicating with peers. The fund decided to help with changing this situation:

In 2014, with the support of the Foundation, a correction cabinet was opened for visually impaired and blind children.

In 2015, for the first time, a preparatory class was opened for blind children at school-gymnasium No. 10, who are now continuing their studies in the framework of the general education program. The class was fully equipped by the Foundation with special equipment, methodological materials and educational literature.

In 2017, in the classroom was equipped with a zone for conducting classes on social and domestic orientation. More children were enrolled in the first grade. The gym for physical training was equipped.

Also with the support of sponsors, similar classes were opened in the cities of Aktau and Aktobe.

With the help of the sponsors, the classroom is equipped not only with school furniture, specialized literature and textbooks, but also sets for relief-point writing, special office equipment (adapted to Braille text), a reading machine, special paper for embossed writing. Previously, a group of teachers and defectologists from various institutions of Astana received training on the method of writing and reading on L. Braille’s font at a seminar organized by the Foundation. A number of subject teachers teaching to the children also received training on working with blind children. Separate master classes are organized for teachers of gym, including the involvement of foreign trainers.

A video about the class and its teacher, Saule Sagimbayeva can be viewed here, as well as video report on the project for 2016-2017.

The Fund continues to work on this project to expand educational opportunities for blind children in other cities of Kazakhstan. For this we are looking for interested sponsors, partners and regional Education Departments.

In the country there remains a need to produce various tactile teaching materials and literature on Braille, as well as equipment for schools playground for the social orientation of blind children.

KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia has been the main sponsor of the project for several years now. At different periods of times, the project was also supported by the Astana Food Festival, the Kazakh Geographical Society, the Corporate Charity Forum, LLP “Buyer KAZ”, and private donations to the Foundation’s boxes. The project is waiting for its new sponsors to create educational opportunities for blind children in the regional centers of Kazakhstan!

News of the project

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