Tree of Wishes

Conducting New Year’s campaign “Tree of Wishes” for acquisition targeted and useful presents for disabled children from poor families is the annual tradition of Foundation. On New Year’s Eve in different establishments of the city can be seen decorated trees with envelopes, where children have written their deepest wishes. Every person can take part in making someone’s dream come true and become Santa Claus (Father Christmas) for a while.

The campaign is dedicated for special children, who have been left without attention from the society, and every year the Foundation collects from 400 to 1000 envelopes with wishes of children for New Year. With help of our faithful partners and sponsors, city residents of Astana and Almaty all dreams will come true! We organize a big event, where the majority of children receive their presents (toys, books, bicycle, telescope etc.)

Since the campaign started working children from the following institutions received individual gifts:
  • Children with special needs from poor families, and also on domestic education, Astana;
  • Anti-tuberculosis sanatorium ‘Shymbulak’, Almaty;
  • Children’s  medical and social psychoneurological establishment, Astana;
  • Cabinets of psychological and pedagogical corrections, Astana;
  • Corrective and inclusive classes of school №65, Astana;
  • Special corrective boarding school, Astana;
  • School for children of deviant behavior, Almaty;
  • Uripian orphanage;
  • Children with oncological diseases, Almaty.

In different time sponsors and partners of the campaign were the following organizations:


  • PC «Конфеты Караганды»
  • Coffee shop «Marrone Rosso»
  • Club «Gourmet»
  • Company «ЕрСай»
  • РД «КазМунайГаз»

Employees of the companies:

  • Corporation «Казахмыс»
  • Company «KPMG»
  • PC  «Самрук Казына»
  • Agency «Хабар»
  • PC «Цеснабанк»
  • PC «Altyn Bank»
  • Salon «Calofornication»


  • Arta di casa
  • Joseph
  • Marina Rinaldi
  • Max Mara
  • Max&Co
  • Prive


  • QSI
  • Sadu
  • Haileybury Astana
  • Нурорда
  • МКНО
  • Educational center «M&K»

News of the project

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