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Pamper’s Drive

Why do children need diapers? In orphanages and boarding schools diapers are the most demanded. Children need a lot of diapers, to stay healthy and dry; it becomes especially important in the winter when it’s cold and a lot of diseases. Unfortunately, the budget allocated for this purpose is often lacking.

Every year we carry out an action “Pamper’s Drive!” among students of international schools in Astana. The first aim of involving students is to append young generation to charity, the second is to gather additional amount of diapers for kids from following establishments:

  • Orphanage in Schichinsk;
  • Orphanage in Shelek;
  • Specialized Orphanage in Astana.

The following schools take part in actions:

  • American school QSI;
  • «Haileybury Astana» school;
  • International College of Continuous Education;
  • “NurOrda” school

The action is held as a competition: group with the big amount of diapers wins a prize from the Foundation.

The amount of diapers increases year by year. For example, 12,000 diapers were collected in the first year, and in 2015, 20,000 diapers, which allowed ensure with diapers three orphanages for winter. If the kids will feel comfortable, it has a positive impact on their development.

News of the project

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Diapers for babies!

We’ve driven 10,000 diapers in two cars to orphanage in Shuchinsk, the next are orphanages in Chilik and Astana. Thanks to all the participants of the action «Pamper’s Drive» kids …