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Hospital Clowns

Laughter therapy is one of the newest and most promising methods of psychotherapy, which every year is gaining popularity all over the world, because laughter is a natural healing mechanism, especially for children who have been in medical institutions for a long time. Often overcoming a serious ailment, children and their parents even forget that children should have a proper childhood and that, in addition to the need to be treated, they still need to play, have fun, develop!

With the idea of making the lives of these children brighter and their childhood more fun, which could increases the chances for recovery, we started  our project “Hospital Clowns” in 2007. The project cooperates with professional artists of the Kazakh State Circus that conduct their performances in medical and rehabilitation institutions in Almaty monthly with the support of the Foundation’s sponsors .

During the many years of the project, the list of institutions we visited included hospitals and children’s oncology departments, but as the number of different projects of Hospital clownery and volunteer groups in the city increases, our Foundation focuses on those institutions that now receive less volunteer attention, the Rehabilitation Center ” Balbulak “and the Children’s TB Sanitarium” Shymbulak “.

For children, there are monthly performances of illusionists, acrobats, trained animals, and of course the public favorites – clowns! Not just real crocodiles, pythons, parrots but even a bear take partIn the performances! As one child said during the performance: “It’s more fun to be sick with you!”

In addition, the project also regularly equips playrooms in hospitals: playgrounds in children’s departments of the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Children’s Surgery, the Shymbulak Sanatorium, the Balbulak Center, etc. For more festive events, the project also often gives children in these institutions developmental and creative sets, books, developing games and toys.

Durint the warm season, all patients of the Balbulak Rehabilitation Center, coming from all parts of the republic, go on a tour of Almaty and the Almaty Zoo every month! Thus, laughter therapy is also supplemented by other impressions and development!