Day of Smile

The 1st of June isn’t only International Children’s Day; it is also the first day of summer, holidays, and the end of school year. The Fund “Dara” in cooperation with the Fund “Ayala” has been holding big celebration in the last days of May for many years, which is organized for orphans in Almaty.  Children visit the biggest amusement park in the city, where they can use entertainment attractions for free, than special for them are organized concerts and treats (ice-cream, cake etc.) These celebrations are dedicated to the beginning of summer and ending of school, in such way we congratulate them together!

Since 2007 “Day of Smile” became a good tradition for the city and children, they look forward to this day every year! Join us and give children smile, which they badly need!

Sponsors of the “Day of Smile” were different sponsors over the years, including food and beverage manufacturers; “Fantasy World Almaty” is our partner for many years. We gladly invite sponsors and volunteers to take part and make the “Day of Smile” special for orphans!

News of the project

02.06.2014 г. | 603
There is a new “Smile day”

The 29th May the Fund held the 7th annual “Smile Day” for children from orphanages in Almaty. Approximately 600 children took part in this event. The “Smile Day” was in …