Festival “ArtSportFest” is the first inclusive festival for children with special needs. This festival gives children chance to perform on stage, compete in fun competitions and learn something new at various master classes in various sports and the arts. The fest is held each year since 2014 in Astana by the Foundation.

An example of many Paralympic champions is living proof that in spite of considerable difficulties that may stand in the way of a person with disabilities, success is possible. That is why the main goal of the fest is to create a society of equal opportunities and promoting the approach “I can do it!” among children with special needs. Through the power of the spirit of the child, creating special conditions for the development of his talents and the support of the nearest environment, children with disabilities are able to achieve great results, in sports and in the arts.

During the festival, children attend 15-20 master classes in various sports and art: football, basketball,  badminton, table tennis, darts, bowling, frisbee, checkers and chess, togyzkumalak, rhythmic gymnastics, as well as drawing in gouache, working with mandalas, clay, handmade, henna painting, drawing with crayons on the pavement, braiding and aqua makeup. In addition to the master classes, the children at the festival and guests can enjoy a concert, where they present their dance and vocal skills.

The festival has become a good tradition and every year 200-300 children take a part in following the capital’s educational institutions:

  • Classrooms of psycho-pedagogical correction number 1 and №2;
  • Inclusive and remedial classes of school-lyceum №65;
  • Remedial classes and preparatory classes for the blind children of school №10;
  • Kindergarten № 64 “Asyl Bobek”;
  • Special boarding school

News of the project

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