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25.06.2018 г. | 233 | Recent news / Mentors

Mentor’s Club in Astana

This was one of the spiritual meetings within the Mentor’s Club. The format was slightly different from previous meetings, since the mentors themselves were the speakers. More experienced participants of the project, who have been friends with their clients for more than 2-3 years, shared their first reactions, experiences, incidental moments, and the history of the transformation of their lives.

Here are some of the conclusions reached by the meeting’s participants:
1. It is necessary to lower your expectations, first of all, about yourself as a mentor; do not try to “make” the child more motivated, smart, successful, and so on.
2. Each child is individual, like the mentor himself, so you need to give up the desire to compare yourself with other couples.
3. Always be honest with yourself and with the child.
4. Often, as much as possible, meet with the child. More frequent meetings help establish trust and friendship more quickly.

We would like to thank the speakers of this meeting for sharing with us a parts of their soul and for creating a warm friendly atmosphere.