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The main work the organization focuses on the areas of children’s institutions, where children and teenagers were left out of their families, government agencies and other charities.

Based on the Foundation’s mission, the help is provided to beneficiary organizations to improve learning conditions, treatment, rehabilitation and leisure activities for orphans and children with disabilities. But the Foundation does not give a personal assistance to children in need and does not provide funds for treatment. In Astana, the Foundation helps the following institutions and wards for children:

1. Correction and inclusive classes for children with hearing impairments and children with cerebral palsy at the school-gymnasium № 65

Currently, more than 100 children study in the school with disabilities. Classes are located in the premises of the school – gymnasium №65. The children are in an integrated environment, along with the ordinary students. Till the lunch children have educational classes, after school initiative and creativity classes.

Our assistance:
  • Acquisition of specialized equipment;
  • Purchase correctional textbooks for primary and secondary school students;
  • Tailoring the required dance costumes for school band;
  • Organization of extracurricular circles creativity: theatre, arts

2. Children with disabilities from the settlement Kuryk, Karakiya region, Mangystau region

In the school № 6 of Kuryk are taught 26 students, who were diagnosed with mental retardation and cerebral palsy, three of them are in the domestic education.

The assistance under the “Ulas” project:
  • Purchase of special textbooks and teaching aids;
  • Training and professional development of teachers working with children with disabilities;
  • Ensuring children’s access to health services;
  • The organization of leisure activities for children (trips, courses of art therapy, sports championship, Movie Festival)

3. Correction classes for children with visual impairments at school №10

In the correctional classes of the school are taught 187 children with various diagnoses of visual impairment: 142 student hyperopia, amblyopia, strabismus, 27 students with myopia and 19 children with various congenital abnormalities. Due to the lack of special equipment correctional treatment is carried out by subgroups twice in a week. In 2015, the school opened a preparatory class for blind children.

The assistance:
  • Acquisition development teaching materials;
  • Education and training of teachers working with children with severe visual impairments
  • Equipment for kindergarten adjustable desks and chairs

Preparatory class needs help in acquiring software that converts text into flatbed text font of L.Braylya and Braille printer. Remedial classes need modern methodical and educational literature, as well as the expensive medical equipment for vision correction.

4. SE “The Cabinet of psycho-pedagogical correction №1»

It works since August of 2013, and accepts children on the basis of the state quota. The institution provides assistance in psycho-pedagogical services of a number of experts: speech therapist, psychologist, choreographer, specialist in physical therapy and others. Every child with special needs undergoes special training lasting from 3 months to a year.

The assistance:
  • Has renovated and decorated the premises;
  • Purchased equipment (Delphi Multikid, simulators for physical therapy, training materials)
  • Planning to open Montessori Cabinet;
  • To be effective, the cabinet also requires additional methodological equipment (Edupley) and update developmental and educational literature.

5. Children’s Home №1 of Astana

There are about 150 children aged 4 to 17 years. This year, the orphanage received about 40 children from another family type homes. The shelter brings up children, who are on permanent and in temporary custody.

The assistance:
  • The development of recreational programs;
  • Provision of new clothes for the children’s hom

6. House of Babies Astana

In this house are about 50 children aged from 2 months to 4 years, 30% of them are disabled. At the moment, house is having capital renovation.  On the territory of the orphanage is also a “House of Hope” for mother and child.

The assistance:
  • Organization of regular monthly sessions for pupils in the development center “GYMBOREE”;
  • Celebrations and activities for children;
  • Provision of new clothes and gifts (educational toys) for pupils