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Large projects that achieve significant results and changes often require partnerships with large sponsors and corporations. The Foundation pursues a flexible corporate partnership policy and can propose the development of projects in full compliance with the company’s social policy and their own priorities, if they do not contradict the Foundation’s overall mission. Qualification and experience of the Foundation’s staff allows to develop and implement projects in accordance with best practice of project management and requirements at the level of international organizations.

For several years the Dara Foundation has been a corporate partner of the Ersai Caspian Contractor company for the implementation of social assistance projects for children in the village of Kuryk, Mangistau region. The project called “Ulasu” was developed specifically to improve the educational, medical and cultural environment of the children of the village of Kuryk, including children with disabilities. Within the framework of the project, the best achievements of other programs of the Foundation are used to transfer experience and increase the potential of the local community.

In the field of supporting children with disabilities and orphans, Dara is also a partner of the Social Projects Fund Samruk Kazyna Trust. In cooperation with Samruk Kazyna Trust, the Foundation implements the project “Different, but Equal” to expand the network of Service Centers for psychological and pedagogical correction for disabled children in various regions of the country, as well as the “Mentors” project.

The Foundation successfully cooperates with KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: the “Discover the World” project supports blind children in Astana, as well as annual educational events for professionals and educators. A number of successful projects have been implemented with Chevron and Air Astana, which are constant partners of the Foundation in the field of social projects.

Within the framework of the “Corporate Mentoring” project, the Foundation works in the orphanage in Astana for the vocational training and orientation of orphans, together with the companies EY, P.E.T, and a number of catering organizations.


Permanent partnership through joint events and campaigns is carried out with the International School “Haileybury Astana”, schools “QSI”, “Miras” and “ICE”.

The Foundation has experience of participating in annual grant competitions of the embassies. It is a recipient of the grant from the Embassy of Finland in the Republic of Kazakhstan (the “Creation of conditions for inclusive education in Kazakhstan” project, 2013) and the grant of the Embassy of New Zealand in Kazakhstan (the “Path to Success” project, 2014).