19.05.2019 г. | 149
Children’s Inclusive Theater had a performance of “Peter Pan” in the capital

On the big stage – children with special educational needs. Pajama party in the jungle with pirates, archery, smoke, flying on the vine and a crocodile made of papier-mâché – …

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04.05.2019 г. | 54
Cooming soon! The CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will open its doors with the performance of “Peter Pen”!

Ta-dam! Friends, On May 18, the CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will re-open its doors, where children with disabilities, pupils of secondary school No. 83 will play “Peter Pen” on the big …

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10.05.2018 г. | 237
Final performance of children’s theater

Last weekend, we finished another season of the inclusive theater with two productions. During the Mowgli show it seemed that a child with special abilities in our society feels like a protagonist in …

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01.04.2018 г. | 237
News from our inclusive studios

A bit about our inclusive studios: This year, drawings of children from the art studio were used for the holiday cards of the Foundation’s sponsors and partners. The children from …

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25.11.2017 г. | 350
Talents of the creative studio of boarding school №9 in Almaty

The pupils of our sponsored boarding school No. 9 for children with severe speech disorders are very talented children! In addition to training in the dance studio and performances at …

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22.11.2017 г. | 393
New academic year in the inclusive theatrical studio of school № 65!

For the third week, the classes in our inclusive theater studio in school-gymnasium №65 resumed. This year we have a new teacher! Natalia Lysenko is an actress of the Russian …

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19.11.2017 г. | 445
Let there be theater!

All summer we were resovling the question: to be or not to be our inclusive theater. First, there was a question of financing, but it was also important to understand …

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20.05.2017 г. | 560
Children’s Theater performance!

The Inclusive Children’s Theater at School № 65 yesterday performed with the play “Mysterious Case with a Dog” based on the story of Mark Haddon “The Curious Incident of the …

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26.04.2016 г. | 668
The musical “Matilda” – hear the special children!

The 23rd of April in Astana was the inclusive performance: on the professional stage performed children, many of whom have a hearing loss. During the last three years children has …

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