22.05.2019 г. | 92
Paintings Exhibition of children with hearing impairments in the Modern Art-Center “Kulanshy”!

“Painting allows you to see things as they once were, when they were looked at with love.” Said one of the famous artists Paul Valery, and we hope that today …

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15.09.2018 г. | 233
Inclusive art studio “Kulanshi” is 5 years old!

We sincerely thank the sponsor – the company Chevron, which for the past two years has supported this project!

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05.04.2018 г. | 277
Peers to peers and inclusive art studio

Today, instead of an usual classe at the art studio, children with hearing impairment visited a master class on pizza making. A small event for children was organized in honor of the …

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01.04.2018 г. | 244
News from our inclusive studios

A bit about our inclusive studios: This year, drawings of children from the art studio were used for the holiday cards of the Foundation’s sponsors and partners. The children from …

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26.09.2017 г. | 492
New academic year of inclusive art studio

The work of our inclusive art studio at Kulanshi ArtCenter resumed. Guys from the correctional and ordinary classes of the capital’s school №65 began to study fine arts. Immediately began …

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05.11.2015 г. | 878
Just hear the beauty

Our inclusive art studio in the gallery Kulanshi continues its activities, where deaf children learn to paint. In this year new students from the junior classes came to the studio. …

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