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05.04.2019 г. | 66
Dance group “9 planet” won in the nomination “choreography” by representing the city of Almaty!

Our dance studio “9 Planet” annually participates in the Children’s Creativity Festival “Zhuldyzai” for children with special educational needs, which will be held at the international level for the first …

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15.09.2018 г. | 182
Inclusive art studio “Kulanshi” is 5 years old!

We sincerely thank the sponsor – the company Chevron, which for the past two years has supported this project!

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13.08.2018 г. | 167
Within the project «Educational course and preparation for Unified National Testing» three graduates of the orphanages of Almaty and Astana

The special pride of the project «Educational course and preparation for Unified National Testing» in this year is represented by three graduates of Astana and Almaty orphanages: Bahtiyar, Karim, and …

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16.07.2018 г. | 255
XXVI International Deaf Futsal Tournament

XXVI International Deaf Futsal Tournament and the I Integrated Futsal Tournament for young people under 17 years old, where hearing and deaf players met on the same field. In Presov, there was …

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08.06.2018 г. | 230
Montessori Room at the Children’s Home in Astana

At the Children’s Home stay children from their birth up to 4 years old. And this is the only period in a person’s life when all knowledge and skills are learned quite easily …

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31.05.2018 г. | 161
A winning place of our dance studio on “Zhuldyzai-2018”

We have wonderful news: our dance studio “Ninth Planet” won the second place at the Republican festival “Zhuldyzai – 2018”. The children performed with two dance numbers, and both numbers were …

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10.05.2018 г. | 192
Final performance of children’s theater

Last weekend, we finished another season of the inclusive theater with two productions. During the Mowgli show it seemed that a child with special abilities in our society feels like a protagonist in …

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24.04.2018 г. | 184
Holiday for children at the dispensary Shymbulak

Our kind friend Avenue Verystange continues to delight children from all regions of Kazakhstan who undergo rehabilitation and preventive treatment at the center of Balbulak and Shymbulak dispensaries in Almaty. Children …

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24.04.2018 г. | 163
Participation of the dance team in the Showtime Spring 2018 contest

Seasonal competition Showtime Spring 2018 in Almaty is a long-awaited event for the entire dance community of the city. And once again, already in a new lineup, our guys from …

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06.04.2018 г. | 154
Prize for winning in a mathematical contest

Do you remember that children from the «Zhasulan» group from the Almaty orphanage won a mathematical «battle»? And today they received their long-awaited prize – a participation in the real quest. We …

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05.04.2018 г. | 204
Peers to peers and inclusive art studio

Today, instead of an usual classe at the art studio, children with hearing impairment visited a master class on pizza making. A small event for children was organized in honor of the …

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03.04.2018 г. | 289
Participation of the dance studio in a forum in Almaty

On March 29-31, II Cultural and Educational Forum for children with special educational needs and adults from CIS countries was held in Almaty under the title “CIS is our big …

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