02.05.2018 г. | 29
Training from the KPMG

KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia continues a series of trainings for children from Children’s Orphanage # 1 in Almaty. The other day we discussed the topic of higher education. An employee of …

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27.04.2018 г. | 40
Mentoring Conference in Novosibirsk

The Foundation participates in the three-day seminar “Technology of the Mentoring Program” at the invitation of the “Solnechnyi Gorod” Foundation. With colleagues-representatives of NGOs from Murmansk to Kamchatka, we share …

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15.04.2018 г. | 33
Training for classmates and teachers of children from the Astana Orphanage

There are many amazing people involved in the Mentors project who can change the world by their example. Zhanat Nurkina is one of such people. When working with children through …

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05.04.2018 г. | 60
A donation from My Happy Day Planner

The «Mother Edition», a special issue of the My Happy Day Planner series of diaries, was presented in today in Almaty. This time the creator of wonderful diaries, Asel Zoe, has prepared …

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05.04.2018 г. | 60
The last internship period of children from the orphanage for this academic year

Last week, children from the orphanage in Astana finished the final part of their internships as part of the corporate mentoring project. Throughout the academic year, the students attended internships …

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16.03.2018 г. | 69
Why being a mentor is important?

The mentor, in the broadest sense of the word, is  not an indifferent adult who is ready to support with experience and advice. We can tell you one real story. At …

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12.03.2018 г. | 94
Master class for mentors and children in Astana

In Astana, our new couples were able to get to know more about each other in an interesting master class. They made motivational boards, applying phrases that motivate them to …

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12.03.2018 г. | 79
School of Mentors in Almaty

Another school of Mentors has started in Almaty. There are 3 more days of school. The children of the Children’s Home # 1 are already waiting for us and we …

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05.03.2018 г. | 96
The first meeting of new mentors and children in Astana

What is mentoring? It is not only about socialization and learning useful skills. It is also about the whole world that opens to the mentor: learning again to dream, love, and wonder …

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27.02.2018 г. | 114
Results of the School of Mentors in Astana

On February 18 and 25 another School of Mentors was held in Astana. As perviously, the School takes place in the updated format of 4 video lessons and two full-time …

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23.02.2018 г. | 125
Mentors’ Club in Astana

What tools can help a mentor to always stay focused? How can they help a child to determine what is important to him or her at the moment? These and other interesting …

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13.02.2018 г. | 122
The first meeting of new mentors with children in Astana

A new range of emotions and feelings was experienced by the new participants of the project «Mentors»: we had another «small group» in Evrikum Astana. Mentors and children were delighted, …

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