09.11.2018 г. | 168
Results of action #pampersdrive 2018!

Friends, at the end of the school holidays, we have already determined the winners among the schools of Almaty and Astana on the action “Pamper’s Drive – 2018”! The Miras …

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26.12.2017 г. | 448
Pampers Drive in Almaty!

Can you imagine a mountain of almost 57,000 diapers? This is a lot! That was the number of diapers that Almaty schoolchildren gathered as part of our Pampers drive. We …

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23.11.2015 г. | 731
Diapers for babies!

We’ve driven 10,000 diapers in two cars to orphanage in Shuchinsk, the next are orphanages in Chilik and Astana. Thanks to all the participants of the action «Pamper’s Drive» kids …

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20.11.2015 г. | 445
Intermediate results of “Pamper’s Drive” action

Summarizing results of the «Pamper’s Drive» action and already beat the record! For two weeks in QSI schools, Miras and CCL have collected more than 13,000 diapers, which mean that …

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