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10.05.2019 г. | 82
Almaty: “Smart Charity– BerekeFest” Social Hackathon is WAITING FOR YOU May 18-19!

This is a great opportunity to help by using brain, not money! If you are thinking about participating in solving social problems, join our team, we need people of different …

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27.12.2018 г. | 263
Christmas tree of desires

Dear Friends! New Year is a holiday with magical aura, which evokes the desire to make good actions and bring presents to children, but presents are not the only solution! …

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20.11.2018 г. | 334

Dear friends, we have an action with Sandro & Maje shops until 15th of December, within which 10% of the whole sales will be directed to the realization of our …

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15.11.2018 г. | 199
Asel Zoe again supported the project of our Foundation – “Mentors”

If you believe in miracles, they will surely come true – the philosophy of the My Happy Day Planner diary from Assel Zoe, where there should be plans for happiness …

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09.11.2018 г. | 869
Results of action #pampersdrive 2018!

Friends, at the end of the school holidays, we have already determined the winners among the schools of Almaty and Astana on the action “Pamper’s Drive – 2018”! The Miras …

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03.11.2018 г. | 204
Share the warmth of your hearts!

This was the name of the charity ball that was held this weekend with the support of the Almaty International Women’s Club and organized in support of our «Open the …

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09.07.2018 г. | 200
Exhibition of a young artist Zere

A young artist Zere successfully held her first professional exhibition at the age of 5. What is even more admirable is that the money raised from the exhibition will go to our “Discover …

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23.05.2018 г. | 409
Artsportfest 2018!

We thank everyone who became part of today’s holiday! Haileybury Astana Baker Tilly Kazakhstan Advisory Libella Bottlers Almaty CrossFit Astana American Corner and Maker Space Astana Bychkov hair industry Archery Association, …

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24.04.2018 г. | 246
Holiday for children at the dispensary Shymbulak

Our kind friend Avenue Verystange continues to delight children from all regions of Kazakhstan who undergo rehabilitation and preventive treatment at the center of Balbulak and Shymbulak dispensaries in Almaty. Children …

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18.04.2018 г. | 331
“Peers to peers” trip to hippodrome

Spring finally came to Astana and we decided to conduct a hippotherapy for home-schooled children and their peers. We visited a horse-racing club “Pegasus”. Students of the capital’s schools # 19, # …

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14.03.2018 г. | 279
The beginning of preparation for «ArtSportFest 2018»

This year our annual festival of sport and creativity «ArtSportFest» will be held at the international school Haileybury Astana. The school administration, students and their parents showed great responsibility and …

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26.12.2017 г. | 445
New Year celebration for children and their coaches in Almaty!

Children and their coaches had a New Year celebration at the Dublin restaurant! Dances, competitions and the sea of communication, everyone had fun from the heart! At the end of the …

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