18.01.2019 г. | 55
Children went to the cinema together as a part of a “From Peer to Peer” project.

Sometimes even the smallest things are enough for children to feel happy, especially for a child that is on a home-based education and is deprived from a basic communication with …

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13.01.2019 г. | 44
A Christmas story

Do you want to hear a story due to the eve of the Old New Year? Recently, an interesting case happened in the US. On the Christmas eve, a NYC …

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27.12.2018 г. | 125
Christmas tree of desires

Dear Friends! New Year is a holiday with magical aura, which evokes the desire to make good actions and bring presents to children, but presents are not the only solution! …

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23.12.2018 г. | 33
Children with visual impairments received cherished gifts for New Year!

Probably everyone cannot wait for the New Year to come. Especially children! Of course, they will receive a lot of gifts, interesting, tasty, non-ordinary, bright, the ones they wished for …

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12.12.2018 г. | 94
The Opening of Psychological and Pedagogical support cabinet in Semey city!

One more cabinet of psychological and educational correction has appeared on the map of Kazakhstan. Today, we have opened and presented a new center for special kids in the city …

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08.12.2018 г. | 395
Annual IV forum of adoptive parents and mentors

The forum organization was in the hands of an initiative group, that presented a public movement called “A child must live in a family”, non-governmental educational institution “SOS Detskaya Derevnya …

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28.11.2018 г. | 138
The Opening of Fouth class for blind children in Kostanay!

“Come children, let’s study!” Probably every student is familiar with this famous calling of Ibiray Altynsarin. In his time he opened schools, thus creating a base for the secular education …

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20.11.2018 г. | 147

Dear friends, we have an action with Sandro & Maje shops until 15th of December, within which 10% of the whole sales will be directed to the realization of our …

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15.11.2018 г. | 91
Asel Zoe again supported the project of our Foundation – “Mentors”

If you believe in miracles, they will surely come true – the philosophy of the My Happy Day Planner diary from Assel Zoe, where there should be plans for happiness …

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ranklin D. Roosevelt
09.11.2018 г. | 91
Results of action #pampersdrive 2018!

Friends, at the end of the school holidays, we have already determined the winners among the schools of Almaty and Astana on the action “Pamper’s Drive – 2018”! The Miras …

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03.11.2018 г. | 117
Share the warmth of your hearts!

This was the name of the charity ball that was held this weekend with the support of the Almaty International Women’s Club and organized in support of our «Open the …

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31.10.2018 г. | 88
A seminar was held in Kokshetau for professionals working with children with visual impairment and parents of blind children

In the framework of the project “Open the World” project, in Kokshetau, on the basis of kindergarten No. 7 named “Aisha”, a practical workshop was held for professionals working with …

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