18.02.2019 г. | 82
We are keeping you informed!

We, together with the Department of Education of the East Kazakhstan region, are in the process of preparation for the opening of the class for blind children on the basis …

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13.02.2019 г. | 187
Seminar “Indicators of the inclusion or how a school can become inclusive”

On February 11 to 13th, we are holding a seminar “Indicators of the inclusion or how a school can become inclusive”. The purpose of the seminar is to increase the …

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10.02.2019 г. | 82
All children, without exception, love chocolate cake!

All children, without exception, love chocolate cake! Because of this, when teacher Amangul Bekmurzaevna told that the class will try to bake one independently in the classroom of social-household orientation, …

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05.02.2019 г. | 148
Promoting the introduction of prevention of abandonment of newborns

In 2016, the fund, together with “Chevron” company and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, brought to life the project “Promoting the introduction of prevention of abandonment of newborns”. …

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01.02.2019 г. | 62
Sports festival “Merry starts” in the secondary school N40 in Petropavlovsk

The holiday of sports, health, friendship and cohesion – sports festival “Merry starts” has recently taken place in the secondary school N40 in Petropavlovsk. Two teams, “Arman” and “Irbis”, in …

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18.01.2019 г. | 126
Children went to the cinema together as a part of a “From Peer to Peer” project.

Sometimes even the smallest things are enough for children to feel happy, especially for a child that is on a home-based education and is deprived from a basic communication with …

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13.01.2019 г. | 103
A Christmas story

Do you want to hear a story due to the eve of the Old New Year? Recently, an interesting case happened in the US. On the Christmas eve, a NYC …

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27.12.2018 г. | 188
Christmas tree of desires

Dear Friends! New Year is a holiday with magical aura, which evokes the desire to make good actions and bring presents to children, but presents are not the only solution! …

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23.12.2018 г. | 72
Children with visual impairments received cherished gifts for New Year!

Probably everyone cannot wait for the New Year to come. Especially children! Of course, they will receive a lot of gifts, interesting, tasty, non-ordinary, bright, the ones they wished for …

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12.12.2018 г. | 134
The Opening of Psychological and Pedagogical support cabinet in Semey city!

One more cabinet of psychological and educational correction has appeared on the map of Kazakhstan. Today, we have opened and presented a new center for special kids in the city …

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08.12.2018 г. | 434
Annual IV forum of adoptive parents and mentors

The forum organization was in the hands of an initiative group, that presented a public movement called “A child must live in a family”, non-governmental educational institution “SOS Detskaya Derevnya …

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28.11.2018 г. | 190
The Opening of Fouth class for blind children in Kostanay!

“Come children, let’s study!” Probably every student is familiar with this famous calling of Ibiray Altynsarin. In his time he opened schools, thus creating a base for the secular education …

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