20.06.2019 г. | 80
For the first time a group of children with visual impairments will go to “Daryn” camp for summer holidays!

Friends, we share our visualization and a great desire to make it happen! Summer camp “Daryn” in the East Kazakhstan region, where we want our 15 children with visual impairments …

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01.06.2019 г. | 102
Opening Cervice Center on the eve of holiday in Ekibastuz!

Friends, on this bright holiday, another platform appeared at the Psychological and Pedagogical Service Center in Ekibastuz city! This Center will be the 11th in Kazakhstan, which is opened by …

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29.05.2019 г. | 87
The dance group “9th Planet” won the Grand Prix in the International Competition “Zhuldyzai”!

Friends, at such a symbolic moment, on the eve of the International Children’s Day holiday, we want to share a great joy! Our dance group “9 Planet”, where children with …

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27.05.2019 г. | 91
The opening of the Resource Center for Inclusive Education in Aktobe!

Friends, May turned out to be very eventful! Last week, the opening of the Resource Center for Inclusive Education in the city of Aktobe was held on the basis of …

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24.05.2019 г. | 131
The second Service Center for Shymkent residents has opened!

Friends, this is the second psychological and pedagogical Service Center for supporting Shymkent residents, opened by the “Dara” Found! Today, there is still a high need for special organizations, where …

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22.05.2019 г. | 99
Paintings Exhibition of children with hearing impairments in the Modern Art-Center “Kulanshy”!

“Painting allows you to see things as they once were, when they were looked at with love.” Said one of the famous artists Paul Valery, and we hope that today …

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19.05.2019 г. | 176
Children’s Inclusive Theater had a performance of “Peter Pan” in the capital

On the big stage – children with special educational needs. Pajama party in the jungle with pirates, archery, smoke, flying on the vine and a crocodile made of papier-mâché – …

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17.05.2019 г. | 103
The project “From Peer to Peer” is in full swing!

Friends, the project “From Peer to Peer” is in full swing and we have a new partner, Chevron, which shares and stands in solidarity with the idea of inclusion. One …

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15.05.2019 г. | 107
For us it is important!

The terminology is changing – we hope that with the change of processes and mechanisms, the public consciousness and the position of people in this matter will also change. Thank …

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10.05.2019 г. | 97
Almaty: “Smart Charity– BerekeFest” Social Hackathon is WAITING FOR YOU May 18-19!

This is a great opportunity to help by using brain, not money! If you are thinking about participating in solving social problems, join our team, we need people of different …

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06.05.2019 г. | 94
Friends, this is a real success story!

Our Ablay Mustafin, a student of the 3rd grade of the capital’s school-gymnasium №10, won the title of “Grand Champion” at the World Mental Arithmetic Olympiad in Germany! 3-4 years …

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04.05.2019 г. | 61
Cooming soon! The CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will open its doors with the performance of “Peter Pen”!

Ta-dam! Friends, On May 18, the CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will re-open its doors, where children with disabilities, pupils of secondary school No. 83 will play “Peter Pen” on the big …

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