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The mission of the Dara Foundation is the implementation of projects aimed at helping children’s health facilities, orphanages, and boarding schools for children with disabilities.

Dara carries out its activities to improve living conditions and expand opportunities for development of orphans, children with disabilities and sick children.

We proceed from the firm belief that all children are talented and all children have equal rights to education and development. Therefore, most of our projects are aimed at training, developing creative skills in children, rehabilitation and support in choosing a profession. Also, the Foundation participates in the development of proposals to improve legislation and practice regarding the realization of the rights of children with disabilities and orphans, and collaborates with other public organizations in promoting reforms.

The Foundation is represented by two branches:

  • “Dara Almaty”
  • “Dara Astana”

All Affiliates work in accordance with the Foundation’s overall strategy, providing assistance to children’s institutions in their geographic area and wider.

“Thank you for caring”

Briefly about the projects of the Foundation you can find out in our information brochure.

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