Cooming soon! The CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will open its doors with the performance of «Peter Pen»!

Ta-dam! Friends, On May 18, the CHILDREN’S INCLUSIVE THEATER will re-open its doors, where children with disabilities, pupils of secondary school No. 83 will play “Peter Pen” on the big stage! Each performance of our theater is more proof that creativity, communication and real talent know no barriers or restrictions!

This is the final performance of the children, for which they prepared during the school year, trained, diligently mastered the acting skills under the guidance of director Ilyas Danyarov, and are now ready to present their work to the public. For young actors who are not accustomed to performing in public, this performance is another challenge! 

Come and support the guys! After all, each of us comes from childhood and we are confident that many of you know the feeling that you are not like everyone else.

Many thanks to our partner @regisha39, with the support of which during this school year, the children had the opportunity to attend drama school and engage in creative work!

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