Children’s Inclusive Theater had a performance of «Peter Pan» in the capital

On the big stage — children with special educational needs.

Pajama party in the jungle with pirates, archery, smoke, flying on the vine and a crocodile made of papier-mâché — this cannot be observed in every day life, and the guys from the inclusive drama school in school No. 83 were preparing their play throughout the school year.
The long-awaited premiere was held last Saturday at the entertainment center Ailand — the scenery of the rainforest in the animatronic theater «Jungle» was the best way for an adventure on Neverland Island.


“The idea is this: as if the children just wanted to play a game at home, pulled curtains, sheets — and started playing,” says the director of the play, Ilyas Danyarov. — Everything had to look very raw. There was no exam, court or commission. Just a playground where we could have a fun. It turned out how it happened, and it’s amazing. The main thing — energy was exactly as we wanted.

The principle of inclusive theater — “special” and “norm typical” actors play together. The children’s inclusive theater studio in the capital has been operating for the sixth year already — it is a project of the Dara charity Fund. Performances with children are put by the main director of the famous amateur theater “Attraction” Ilyas Danyarov.

Classes are held with the help of tutors and special teachers, including a variety of exercises that develop speech, memory, sense of rhythm. This is a very difficult job, but Ilyas himself says: “In essence, we are just having a fun here.”

Anyway, the game in the theater liberates, gives confidence and helps everyone, without regard to restrictions, to communicate and make friends.

The heroes of the performance of an inclusive studio are always “not like others,” special children who seek and find love and understanding. The studio began its work at school No. 65, there were staged “Mary Poppins” and “Matilda” — musicals, in which young actors with deep hearing impairments participated. In the performance of «Peter Pan» children with cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorders played — pupils of school №83.

Director of school No. 83 Saule Temenova:

“We have been given this miracle for six years now — the theater of inclusion. Today you saw how our children, who find it hard enough to go to school, stand up, develop, play on stage with the great heart support of their classmates.

As the founder of the Dara Fund, Gulnara Dosayeva, said, the performance was carried out with the support of artist Regina Shafir, the wife of the former Israeli ambassador to Kazakhstan. She sold a series of paintings, and all the proceeds went to the inclusive performance of “Peter Pan”.

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