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Hospital clowns

Laughter – this is one of the youngest and most promising methods of psychotherapy, which every year is gaining popularity around the world, because laughter – a natural health-improving mechanism. Especially, it is needed for children in hospitals.

Often, overcoming a serious illness, children and their parents even forget that kids childhood passes, that they have to play, have fun, develop, in addition to treatments.

With the idea to make the life of these children brighter, their childhood more fun and chances of recovery higher, we started the project “Hospital Clowns” in 2007. The project collaborates with professional artists of the Kazakh State Circus, which with the support of sponsors hold their performances in medical and rehabilitation institutions in Almaty. For many years, the list of institutions that we visited, included hospitals and pediatric oncology, but the expansion of the number of different projects and voluntary groups in the city, our Foundation has focused on those institutions that currently receive less volunteer attention: Rehabilitation Center ” Balbulak ‘and Children’s TB sanatorium “Shymbulak”.

For children are held monthly performances of illusionists, acrobats, trained animals, and of the favorites of the public – clowns! The performances have often involved crocodiles, pythons, parrots and even a bear! One baby during the performance said: “With you even to be ill is fun.”

In addition, the project also conducts regular equip playrooms in hospitals, for example, there were equipped game rooms in children’s departments of the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Sanatorium “Shymbulak” Center “Balbulak” and others. By festive events the project also often gives children of these establishments developing creative kits, books, educational games and toys.

Every month of summer all patients of Rehabilitation “Balbulak” center, come from all parts of the country, go on a tour of the city of Almaty and the Almaty zoo! Thus, laughter therapy is supplemented by other impressions and development!

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