Art studio

We have created an inclusive art studio for children with hearing impairments and from ordinary school №65 in Astana. Classes are held three times a week at the Center for Contemporary Art “Kulanshi” where kids can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of creativity. The head of the studio is a professional artist, the director of “Kulanshi” Center – Aigul Tegzhanova. The studio works since 2013.

On the lessons, boys and girls learn different techniques of fine art, paint wonderful pictures, and even create reproductions of famous paintings. The works of children were put on display in the public galleries and shopping malls of the capital. Our young artists were even able to feel like a professional illustrator, as their pictures were published in a book of fairy tales.

Thanks to the studies in the studio, two graduates Toleubek Erhan and Salimzhanova Camila tied their future professional activity with art: have gone to the faculty of art and design. The success of the elders inspires the younger students on the development of their talents. Each year we see how children from correctional and inclusive classes come to the studio with a great desire to create and to learn the art.

Our second art studio is in Children’s psych neurological medical and social institution of Astana. There are children with various developmental disorders, such as Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy and others, including children without parental care. One of the main advantages of having there the studio is that for these guys drawing classes have a huge therapeutic value, therefore class them holds art therapist Samal Sattarova. A simple drawing expresses their emotions, feelings and through the art they learn to communicate with the outside world.

An example of our studios shows that children with disabilities have a lot of talents, but need special support to be able to express them. Through creativity and sports we can greatly expand the horizons of career choices for these talented children!

Sponsors of the project at different times were the Finnish Embassy in Astana, Asel Nurahanova, as well as donations from individuals in the boxes of the Foundation.

News of the project

26.09.2017 г. | 110
New academic year of inclusive art studio

The work of our inclusive art studio at Kulanshi ArtCenter resumed. Guys from the correctional and ordinary classes of the capital’s school №65 began to study fine arts. Immediately began …

Инклюзивная арт-студия в галерее Куланшы_16
05.11.2015 г. | 374
Just hear the beauty

Our inclusive art studio in the gallery Kulanshi continues its activities, where deaf children learn to paint. In this year new students from the junior classes came to the studio. …