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Large projects that can achieve significant results and changes often require partnerships with major sponsors and corporate partners. The Foundation pursues a flexible policy on corporate partnership and can offer the development of projects, in accordance with the social policy of the company and its own priorities, if they do not contradict the overall mission of the Foundation. The high qualification and experiences of the staff the Foundation enables to develop and realize projects pursuant to the best practices in project management and at the level of international organizations requirements.

The Foundation’s subsidiary in Astana is a corporate partner of the company “Ersai” on realizing the project of social assistance in the settlement Kuryk, Mangystau region. The project entitled “Ulas” has been specifically created to improve the educational, medical and cultural environment for the settlement Kuryk children, including children with disabilities.

In support of children with disabilities the Foundation has also entered into a corporate partnership with SC “Astana” National Welfare Foundation “Kazyna Samuryk”. In collaboration with “Samuryk Kazyna” the Foundation “Dara” will realize the project “Different, but Equal” to support the opening of the Cabinets of psycho-pedagogical correction and improve the quality of methodical work for children with disabilities in the various regions of the country.

The permanent partnership gives opportunity to carry out activities and events. The main partners of these events are the International School of Haileybury Astana, QSI school school “Miras” and the CCL. Regular support for the activities of the Foundation also provides Art Gallery “Khas Sanat”.

As a result of the grant competition in 2013 The Foundation is also the recipient of grants for projects in the social area of the Embassy of Finland in the Republic of Kazakhstan (the project “Creation of conditions in Kazakhstan for the implementation of inclusive education”) and the Embassy of New Zealand (Project “Path to Success”).