16.03.2018 г. | 21
Why being a mentor is important?

The mentor, in the broadest sense of the word, is  not an indifferent adult who is ready to support with experience and advice. We can tell you one real story. At …

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12.03.2018 г. | 27
Master class for mentors and children in Astana

In Astana, our new couples were able to get to know more about each other in an interesting master class. They made motivational boards, applying phrases that motivate them to …

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12.03.2018 г. | 17
School of Mentors in Almaty

Another school of Mentors has started in Almaty. There are 3 more days of school. The children of the Children’s Home # 1 are already waiting for us and we …

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05.03.2018 г. | 39
The first meeting of new mentors and children in Astana

What is mentoring? It is not only about socialization and learning useful skills. It is also about the whole world that opens to the mentor: learning again to dream, love, and wonder …

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27.02.2018 г. | 55
Results of the School of Mentors in Astana

On February 18 and 25 another School of Mentors was held in Astana. As perviously, the School takes place in the updated format of 4 video lessons and two full-time …

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23.02.2018 г. | 55
Mentors’ Club in Astana

What tools can help a mentor to always stay focused? How can they help a child to determine what is important to him or her at the moment? These and other interesting …

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13.02.2018 г. | 60
The first meeting of new mentors with children in Astana

A new range of emotions and feelings was experienced by the new participants of the project «Mentors»: we had another «small group» in Evrikum Astana. Mentors and children were delighted, …

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12.02.2018 г. | 53
Trainings from the corporate mentor KPMG for the pupils of Almaty children’s home

Within the framework of the project Mentors, KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia starts a series of master classes and trainings for pupils of «Children’s Home №1» in Almaty. The …

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19.01.2018 г. | 86
Tour of the Microsoft Kazakhstan office in Almaty

Today, the guys participating in the «Mentors» project had the opportunity to see the office of Microsoft Kazakhstan in Almaty from inside, to learn the history of Microsoft’s creation, the …

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12.01.2018 г. | 118
Data of the «Mentors» project for the last two years

This Saturday in Astana will begin the next School of Mentors! The school of mentors – this is a unique training that not only helps in the development of emotional …

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26.12.2017 г. | 118
New Year celebration for children and their coaches in Almaty!

Children and their coaches had a New Year celebration at the Dublin restaurant! Dances, competitions and the sea of communication, everyone had fun from the heart! At the end of the …

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11.12.2017 г. | 108
Continuation of vocational guidance tour for children from Almaty children’s home

Almaty Fan Factory – the next stop of the vocational guidance tour for children from Almaty children’s home №1. The guys met today with technical specialties and saw the whole …

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