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18.01.2018 г. | 29
The first opening of the Service Center in the new year in Shymkent!

We have a great news day! Firstly, the long-awaited opening of the psychological and pedagogical service center took place in Shymkent! And this is the eighth PPSC, opened within the …

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11.01.2018 г. | 24
Goalball сlasses at school №10

Since the autumn of last year, we are helping school №10 to organize lessons on playing goalball for their blind and visually impaired pupils. Goalball – a sport game in …

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22.12.2017 г. | 33
Santa Claus knows Braille!

Today we congratulated clever and very talented children of special classes for blind children at the capital’s school №10 with the coming year. The children sang, told poems, danced and …

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20.12.2017 г. | 84
The opening of new Service and Resource Centers!

A grand opening of a new Service Center and Resource Center of Inclusive Education on the basis of a comprehensive school # 174 was held today in Almaty together with …

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12.12.2017 г. | 49
Training on goalball for teachers of school №10

Today in the gymnasium # 10 of Astana, in correctional classes of which children with visual impairment are trained, has passed training on the GOALBALL for teachers of physical culture. …

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06.12.2017 г. | 60
A new meeting within the framework of the project «Peers to peers»

Friends, do you remember our project «Peers to peers»? So, on the weekend, the pupils of the 7th grade of the school-lyceum №59 in Astana, together with the volunteers of …

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29.11.2017 г. | 350
Opening of the first Service Center in Shakhtinsk city

Our 18th! Today, the grand opening of the service center in Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region, took place. This service center is the first and so far the only one in this …

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22.11.2017 г. | 72
Class for the blind in Aktobe

Along with Aktau, studies are also going on in our class for blind children in the city of Aktobe, where the social education zone has been fully established, many necessary …

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15.11.2017 г. | 86
Results of a series of trainings for the specialists of the Service Centers

A series of trainings for specialists of Service Centers, opened this year, with the support of Samruk-Kazyna Trust, was completed by a seminar in Uralsk. Seminars were held in the …

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13.11.2017 г. | 76
Seminar for specialists of the new Service Center in Uralsk

November 13, 2017. Uralsk. West-Kazakhstan region. Today, a seminar on the organization of correctional and developing work with children with special educational needs began in conditions of the Service Centers. …

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11.11.2017 г. | 59
The beginning of the experience exchange between Resource Centers of Aktobe and Astana!

Resource Centers of inclusive education in Astana and Aktobe in connection! Yesterday, a video bridge was held between the Resource Centers of Inclusive Education in Aktobe and Astana, where directors …

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08.11.2017 г. | 70
Continuing online training for Service Centers specialists

Karaganda, Aktobe, Uralsk, Taraz, Shymkent …. – this is only a small part of the geography of our online seminar, which took place this weekend for 20 CPPC from all …

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