14.12.2017 г. | 5
Doing good is easy!

New Year is a time when everyone wants to do something bright, kind, to give joy. We summarize the year and it’s nice if we have something to be proud …

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12.12.2017 г. | 8
Training on goalball for teachers of school №10

Today in the gymnasium # 10 of Astana, in correctional classes of which children with visual impairment are trained, has passed training on the GOALBALL for teachers of physical culture. …

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11.12.2017 г. | 9
Continuation of vocational guidance tour for children from Almaty children’s home

Almaty Fan Factory – the next stop of the vocational guidance tour for children from Almaty children’s home №1. The guys met today with technical specialties and saw the whole …

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06.12.2017 г. | 17
A new meeting within the framework of the project «Peers to peers»

Friends, do you remember our project «Peers to peers»? So, on the weekend, the pupils of the 7th grade of the school-lyceum №59 in Astana, together with the volunteers of …

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04.12.2017 г. | 18
First Coaches Club in Almaty

When working with children you also need to be a bit of a child: play cards Imanginario or draw. How to apply “Graphic facilitation”, “Project methodology” and other useful technologies …

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04.12.2017 г. | 15
Campaign by Starbucks!

Did you know that by coming to the Starbucks coffee shop for tasty strong coffee, you can also take part in a charity event? In two cities, Astana and Almaty, …

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29.11.2017 г. | 306
Opening of the first Service Center in Shakhtinsk city

Our 18th! Today, the grand opening of the service center in Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region, took place. This service center is the first and so far the only one in this …

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25.11.2017 г. | 25
Talents of the creative studio of boarding school №9 in Almaty

The pupils of our sponsored boarding school No. 9 for children with severe speech disorders are very talented children! In addition to training in the dance studio and performances at …

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 11.43.40
22.11.2017 г. | 28
New academic year in the inclusive theatrical studio of school № 65!

For the third week, the classes in our inclusive theater studio in school-gymnasium №65 resumed. This year we have a new teacher! Natalia Lysenko is an actress of the Russian …

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22.11.2017 г. | 38
Class for the blind in Aktobe

Along with Aktau, studies are also going on in our class for blind children in the city of Aktobe, where the social education zone has been fully established, many necessary …

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20.11.2017 г. | 27
New success of coaching

We continue to share with you small, but so valuable stories of the achievements of the children from the project «Mentors», which deal with personal coaches. Madina, always a friendly …

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 11.43.38
19.11.2017 г. | 34
Let there be theater!

All summer we were resovling the question: to be or not to be our inclusive theater. First, there was a question of financing, but it was also important to understand …

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