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Mission of the Foundation is to help to realize projects, which are directed to help children’s medical establishments, orphanage, and boarding schools for children with disabilities. The Foundation works on improving living conditions and expanding the development opportunities for these children.

Most of our projects are aimed at education, improvement creative skills of children, rehabilitation, and support for choosing the future profession, because we believe that all children are talented and have equal rights to education and development. Also, the Foundation takes part in the elaboration process of a proposal to improve both legislation and practice in protecting the rights of children with disabilities and orphans. We cooperate with other social organizations in promoting reforms.

The Foundation has two subsidiaries – “Dara Almaty” and “Dara Astana”. All subsidiaries operate in accordance with the overall strategy of the Foundation, helping to wards children’s institutions in their geographic area and other regions of the country.


You can find brief information about our projects in the information leaflet.